No Hidden Fees: Transparency With Virtual Commercial

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No Hidden Fees: Transparency With Virtual Commercial

Avoid hidden fees with a transparent agent


Make sure you know what budget you need to have by choosing a commercial estate agent who doesn’t charge hidden fees. 

Dealing with an estate agent is often a stressful situation because buying, selling or leasing property is fraught with difficulties. These transactions are often for considerable sums of money and there may be a lot of issues associated with the deals being concluded. This is why most people want property transactions to be concluded as painlessly as possible but there are some issues which cause consternation with these deals. Hidden fees.

Transparency gives you confidence in a commercial estate agent

You will find that hidden fees are a common feature with some estate agents. There are so many different services provided by an estate agent, and not all of them are covered by all estate agents. Most people assume that all estate agents provide the same level of services and will do what they can to ensure property deals conclude, but this isn’t always the case. Not all estate agents operate in the same manner and this means that many charge hidden fees which have to be paid in order to conclude the deal. It is fair to say that hidden fees cause a lot of problems in the property sector.

People are tired of hidden fees and additional charges

There is a growing weariness or level of resentment regarding hidden fees and additional charges in the property sector. There are few things worse in life than arranging a deal, having everything in place and then finding that there is an additional charge to pay before the deal is concluded.

Commercial properties are expensive enough without hidden fees

One of the issues that annoy people with respect to hidden fees is the fact that commercial properties are highly expensive. Clients are paying out considerable sums of money in these transactions and receiving an additional bill at the last minute can often feel like a “slap in the face”.

Hidden fees make it hard to budget or obtain finance

Given the huge sums of money involved with commercial property, most parties often must have finance agreements in place before they conclude a deal. Quite often people or firms are pushed to the edge of their financial limits in order to do these deals, and this is why having to take care of an additional payment or fee at the end of the process can be very damaging. This may lead to people taking out further finance support so that they can meet these needs, when this could have been covered by the initial finance support if the true costs had been known.

Hidden fees can prevent estate agents from obtaining business in the future

It is important for estate agents to know that if clients are vexed by hidden fees, they will tell other people they are unhappy, and they will be unlikely to do business with this firm again in the future. This has the potential to harm the agency, and it could lead to difficulties in the future.

Transparency and detailed services are of benefit to clients and the firm

Businesses should be looking to provide the best standard of service at all times. This means informing clients of the services on offer and the full cost. Being transparent will help a company offer a high standard of service and ensure that they provide clients with exactly what is required.

At Virtual Commercial, we believe that transparency is essential, and hidden fees are not necessary. If you want to find out why we are the estate agent that is right for you, get in touch.  


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