Open When You Are: Online Commercial Estate Agents

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Open When You Are: Online Commercial Estate Agents

Find an estate agent who is ready when you are


The business world operates around the clock and you need an online estate agent who is ready when you are.

In the residential estate agency sector, it would be fair to say that online estate agents have transformed the sector. With online property portals, many clients are confident about searching online and it stands to reason that they will be happy to deal with online estate agents. There is also the fact that online agents often charge a lower fee or a fixed-rate fee, which may be more appealing to certain clients. Online residential estate agents aren’t for everyone, but it is easy to see why they have made an impact on the market.

Online commercial estate agents should be open and ready for clients

It is also easy to see why online commercial estate agents are making an impact on the market too. Firstly, every company should be looking for affordability and value for money services, which is a common feature with online commercial estate agents. Fixed fee services can make a huge difference when buying, selling or leasing commercial property and this is a fantastic starting point when looking for assistance from an estate agent. However, there is also a lot to be said for the convenience provided by online commercial estate agents.

Not every company works 9 to 5

It is important to remember that not every company works 9 to 5. There is a need to cater for the needs for all companies, and having an online presence ensures that firms can review property at all times of day or night.

Many professionals research in their own time

It is also correct to say that a lot of the research for commercial premises or a firm’s next move is undertaken outside of standard working hours. In standard business hours, many professionals may be focused on their core activities, which means that they don’t have time for extra-curricular tasks like searching for properties or reviewing the market.

This is why having an online presence available around the clock makes it easier for people to find what is on offer.

International clients work in different time zones

Another reason to have an online presence is that not all potential buyers are in your local area. There is a global market in most industries these days, and it could be that firms or professionals from other countries and time zones are looking for property. The nature of online services means that no matter what time zone one person is in, they can review the services or offerings from another firm, with a minimum of fuss and effort.There are also good online translation services these days, such as the page translation service provided by Google, which may help potential clients find out what you have to offer.

Customers or clients can always receive an answer

The convenience of online services means that people can always receive an answer or find help when they need it. Some companies utilise live chat services to provide answers but a well-researched and robust FAQ section is likely to be enough to satisfy the questions users have for you. When you answer questions quickly, people will appreciate you, and will be more likely to do business with you in the future.

An online presence means people can always check or reference what you offer, and this is often the starting point for future business deals. At Virtual Commercial, we understand the importance of being connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need an online estate agent that is always working on your behalf, we are here to help.  


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