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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Purchaser

8 Questions To Ask A Potential Purchaser


When you are at the stage of either receiving an offer or in serious discussion with a buyer, it is essential to understand the type of purchaser you are in negotiation with and their financial standing. 

Whilst this may seem a little invasive, how else can you compare offers if you don’t understand who is making the offer and how it is being paid for? Remember once you set the process of a sale into motion, you will start incurring costs with your solicitor so it is essential to know and qualify your purchaser in advance.  

We have provided the essential questions to ask any prospective purchaser who has made an offer to purchase your property. You should seek answers to all of the questions below to really understand a purchaser’s bid. 


Questions to ask a purchaser:

  1. Why do they want to make a purchase:

This is a straightforward question just to understand the purchaser’s motives; is it for their own occupation? Is it an investment? Are they expanding or are they moving  


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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Purchaser
2016-05-09 22:00:27

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