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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Tenant

8 Questions To Ask A Potential Tenant


It is essential to understand a potential tenant’s business history and property requirements. 

We have provided the important questions to ask any prospective tenant. Knowing this information will save time by allowing you to find out if they will be a good tenant and allows you to make an informed decision when comparing your potential tenants.

We provide the necessary questions to not only qualify a tenant when you first meet them, but also provide questions to ask an interested party.


Questions to ask to qualify a tenant:

These should be discussed during the initial phone call or during the first viewing. 

  1. Ask what they intend to use the premises for:

This is a straightforward question just to understand how the tenant intends to use the premises. You will quickly ascertain if they are the right fit or if a change of use is 


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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Tenant
2016-05-09 22:03:56

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