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So we know you clicked on a scary picture of something hidden behind a shower curtain. We don’t know what it is…. you don’t know what it is…. let’s leave it there!

It is a valid point though. Sometimes it can be hard to understand exactly what's going when you're trying to sell or let your commercial property!

We have a fully transparent platform and we like to be fully transparent too. We're an online commercial estate agent and we do offer paid packs where we market our clients properties through a smart combination of channels that will deliver great results if you decide to let us help you sell or let yours.

But... We also want you to know we're not the typical estate agent. We advocate transparency, like to be helpful and truly believe in the spirit and power of entrepreneurship.

So for those of you who would like to self market you can see that we also offer a Free pack.

As a matter of fact we’re the only website in the UK that allows you to list and market your commercial property for free.

So if you own or want to rent out a commercial property and would like to do this yourself for Free once you've joined you can:

1) Create your property listing in 5 easy steps
2) This will create an anchor listing on our site and professional online marketing brochures that are tied to an online booking and offer system for your property. Basically people can schedule viewings and make offers on your property.
3) You receive viewing requests and offers from any interest that you generate sharing the listing on social media and anywhere else you want on the net.
4) Your free account includes templates for referencing buyers, drawing up the Heads of terms and all the other items you need to do this yourself and get from A-Z!
It is perfectly possible to sell or lease your commercial property in this way.
We’re proud to be the only commercial estate agent in the UK to offer you a solution for selling or letting commercial property and businesses for free.
Remember you will get out of it what you put into it, it is an entrepreneurial tool!
Just so you know you are going to need a valid EPC and some documents to prove you have the right to advertise the property, it's a regulated market and we have to do our job!

Whether you would like to self market using our free pack or prefer us to be more involved in your commercial property transaction why don’t you take a look around our open platform before deciding whether to instruct us?